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Send Voice SMS


Encodage : UTF-8


Your “api-key” and “api-login” identifiers must be added in the headers.


This sends a Voice SMS in modes:

  • simple (1 contact)
  • campaign (up to 500 contacts)

You must indicate your phone numbers in the “recipients” parameter, which is an array containing objects of type “contact”.

Special parameters

textstringMessage text (from 1 to 1224 characters non unicode).
recipientsarrayList of Contact objects array of objects:
    "phone_number": "+111222233334444"
    "phone_number": "+2222333334444555"
senderstringSender of the message (if the user allows it), 3-11 alphanumeric characters (a-zA-Z0-9).
send_atstring‘When you want to send the sms campaign. Format: DateTime ISO8601 (for ex: “2018-10-03T07:42:39-07:00”).’
purposestringCampaign purpose: (transactional/alert or marketing) : [“alert”,”wholesale”]
voice_genderstringVoice gender [‘male’, ‘female’]
voice_languagestringVoice Language [‘en-US’, ‘en-GB’, ‘el-GR’, ‘pl-PL’, ‘hu-HU’, ‘sv-SE’, ‘de-DE’, ‘es-ES’, ‘es-LA’, ‘fr-FR’, ‘it-IT’, ‘pt-BR’, ‘ru-RU’]
simulation_modeboolean(optional) If this value is “true”, your request will be simulated, and you will receive a fake result. Only some minimal validations will be executed.
request_idstring(optional) To avoid sending same request multiple times, setup an request ID. In case the duplication will be detected, a validation error will be returned. A request_id will expire after 24 hours.
auto_remove_blacklisted_numbersboolean(optional) By transmitting this field with “true” value, the blacklisted numbers will be automatically removed from your list of numbers. This service will add a charge of 0.01€ per request.
get_back_pressed_keysboolean(optionnel) If this field has the value “true”, your voice call will let your recipient press some keys from his phone keyboard. After 2 seconds, the call will end (6 keys max).

Curl Example

curl -X POST \ 
'' \ 
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \ 
-H 'api-login: *****' \ 
-H 'api-key: ******' \ 
-H 'cache-control: no-cache' \ 
-d '{
      "phone_number": "+37379967255"
  "text": "Here is a Voice SMS to listen to",
  "purpose": "alert",
  "sender": "12345",
  "voice_gender": "female",
  "voice_language": "en-GB"

Command to copy/paste

curl -X POST '' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -H 'api-login: *****' -H 'api-key: ******' -H 'cache-control: no-cache' -d '{"recipients": [{"phone_number": "+37379967255"}], "text": "Here is a Voice SMS to listen to", "purpose": "alert", "sender": "12345", "voice_gender": "female", "voice_language": "en-GB"}'

JSON Server Response

Success : 201 CREATED

  "ticket_number": "voice_5f44ebf9e47b7",
  "number_of_contacts": 1,
  "total_cost": 0.05,
  "estimated_duration": 30,
  "residual_credit": 149.95

Failure : 400 Bad Request

   "code": 400,
   "message": "Payload validation error.",
         "code": 442,
         "message": "Voice language not supported."