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$sms = new SMS();
$sms->setLogin('[email protected]');
$recipient1 = {'number' => '+442038828112'};
$recipient2 = {'number' => '+442038828113'};
$recipients = array($recipient1, $recipient2);
$sms->setText('My first SMS with Octopush!');
$sms->setSender('Your Name');
$sms->setSendingDate(2021, 12, 25, 20, 0, 0);
$response = $sms->send();

Integrate in a minute, send SMS within seconds.

Why do you need an SMS Gateway API?

Text messaging APIs allow businesses around the world to plan and launch marketing campaigns targeting mobile devices. The use of APIs allows text messages to be received and sent to a large number of customers using a computer, independently of the mobile service provider.

SMS may not be new, but time and time it has proved to be a great channel for personal exchanges.

An SMS API is protocol working as a messaging tool for transmitting a message in bulk to several customers. The delivery is through a gateway that links with the mobile phone provider with your own software.

Businesses use APIs for launching notifications in bulk to connect with the client in a more personal way. This new service is popular with customer support, as it disregards the location of the users around the world, to create a sense of community with the customer base.

A gateway software for messaging allows you to create, send, and receive SMS in bulk, personalise your communication and be integrated with your CRM applications. A good SMS gateway provider will offer you the option of either send text or voice messages.

What are the uses for integrating a message delivery service for business?

  • Take advantage of automation: Messaging allows you to automate certain notifications.
  • Schedule sending at a specific time: If your company needs to send specific bulk messages on a fairly regular basis, an SMS API can handle this automatically.
  • Better tracking: Unlike a web platform, a software allows you to customise the tracking of any text message delivery. You can learn and adapt your campaigns from knowing the exact time each message was delivered.
  • Send transactional SMS: You can send transactional SMS by the gateway to confirm certain actions that have been completed in your site. This also allows you to send transactional communications as an order is completed, for example.
  • Improve communication with your contacts: If you’re organising an event, you can create an SMS to get confirmation responses from people who have registered. Having to read it becomes easier and more engaging for them than receiving a simple email.
  • Optimise your schedule: Your client may not have the time to read their email. Therefore, sending an appointment reminder via SMS can avoid unnecessary hassle.
  • Use templates: It can be complicated to call your debtors directly to ask for payment, but you can schedule a reminder by using an SMS template, use the fields to account the amount and the name of the client.
  • Add a personal touch: The best way to make your customer feel like they are talking to a human being. This way of personalization is achieved in a single API request.
  • Two-factor authentication: You can send SMS to secure your users’ accounts. Send them a unique code of numbers via SMS to confirm their identity.
  • Integration with a variety of software applications: Gain access to additional functionalities, advanced notifications, sub account management, phone numbers verification, customised statistics to learn and improve and more.
  • Two-way communication: Having two-way communication it’s a new technique that can help you build customer loyalty beyond basic marketing campaigns. It also gives a great opportunity to learn from your clients and to provide them exceptional support.
  • Manage multiple accounts: By the use of a gateway provider, agencies can manage the delivery of messages in account of their customers.

What are the advantages of an API SMS gateway provider as Octopush?

A professional solution provider such as Octopush allows you to connect more than 196 countries around the world through the SMS API.

By using the Octopush APIs on your applications, software and information systems, you can automate the sending of SMS messages and receive incoming SMS from your client base.

Octopush also provides you with delivery reports of SMS messages sent, providing you with a safe verification method of reception rates for all the campaigns you launch.

Two-way communication will help you to connect and build lasting relationships to nurture customer loyalty.

In addition, Octopush takes care of the opt-out management in the body of all the messages you send.

You also can send SMS messages of more than 160 characters and to use foreign characters.

With Octopush, you will have access to other functionalities like our new voice SMS, mobile numbers verification, and the option to rent a virtual phone number for more than 50 countries from around the World.

Voice messaging becomes particularly useful for verticals like health services, which focuses on the elderly or people accessibility needs where it’s better to communicate by voice, because they cannot read.

You can also receive email notifications when your account reaches a certain threshold of SMS sent. This way, you can enjoy our online service without interruptions caused by a lack of credit.

With the new Octopush SMS API, you will also be able to:

visuel du réseau international de téléphones
  • Check your SMS balance
  • Check your Euro credit
  • Send bulk SMS messages
  • Schedule SMS messages to be sent at a specific time
  • Send personalised SMS messages in a few seconds thanks to mailing functionality
  • Communicate two-ways with your customers.
  • Send transactional SMS messages. This can be an appointment reminder or an order confirmation

Octopush is the best SMS automation tool for developers. The platform supports various programming languages, including PHP, Java, Python, Ruby and C#.

In addition, Octopush is easy to integrate, regardless of the e-commerce platform you use. Octopush offers integrations for Magento, Woocommerce and Prestashop. You can also integrate Octopush with Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce and Zapier.

Integration is for free. And new users get 5 free initial SMS to start testing from the get go.

Frequently asked questions

Supporting authentication via a security code sent through the SMS scheduling interface has many data protection benefits. It allows you to secure your customers’ accounts by sending them unique codes for two-factor authentication.

This method is inexpensive, fast (your recipient receives your SMS within seconds) and above all very reliable (unlike emails, which are often classified as spam).

You can verify with the mobile number provider when the user register on your site for several purposes:

1°/ Fight against malicious access attempts (a hack, for example);
2°/ Limit automatic registration of bots by requiring the entry of a code sent by SMS (some companies’ g such as Gmail or Yahoo have already implemented this system to fight against spam);
3°/ Secure certain sensitive operations (e.g. financial transactions).

For practical reasons, we recommend the ASP language in particular. ASP is a language developed by Microsoft that allows you to make a website dynamic and intelligent by integrating algorithms.

To set up this access system, each user must be asked to input their mobile phone number in international format (+XXZZZZZ) when they register.

To implement SMS authentication, you need a special field to extract the phone number and store it in your database. But beware: entering this information can be a source of error, and the validity of the number must be checked during the registration process.

To check the validity of the number, all you need to do is to implement this system: “Check your phone number” (a special button that the user has to click on to continue the registration).

Clicking on this button triggers the sending of a unique code via the SMS API. Users then only have to copy this code into the input field to continue their registration. This code can be sent in ASP.

Octopush provides a very precise documentation containing the sending source codes (package + sending ASP class). The SMS ASP planning interface is specially designed to automate the process of sending your SMS.

The configuration of the sending data (sender, recipient(s), sending text, custom variables) can be done simply with the :

ConfigFile (configuration file of your sending)

The ConfigFile class allows the configuration of several essential parameters such as: the user ID, your API key, your list of recipient(s), the sending mode, the sender, as well as the type of sending.

The final send is done via the following ASP class:

Main (main file, which calls your configuration file for sending SMS).

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