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SMS via SMTP / Mail-To-SMS

Email address

Please send your queries to [email protected]

Encoding: UTF8

Email subject

The subject contains your credentials, as well as the parameters of the send and also the number(s) of the recipients, similar to a query string in a get url. The data must therefore be url_encoded, and the parameters separated by &.


Email body

The body of the email contains only the plain text. To avoid possible errors such as signatures or footers, we advise you to end your text with the string : _____, and to start it with -----. This will be deleted.


bla bla bla. text text text. STOP au XXXXX

Or, for safety:

-----bla bla bla. text text text. STOP au XXXXX_____

Special parameters

request_idstringAllows you to add a security to the sending. If this field is not null, then the system will check if there is already one of your sendings with the same request_id. If this is the case, the request is ignored.